Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Happy Birthday Show! is an innovative service that allows you to send an Happy Birthday phone call to whoever you want. A real phone call that anyone can receive on any kind of phone, whether landline or mobile!
What are the available methods of payment?
You can pay the service with credit card, with a PayPal accout, or, if you prefer, you can pay by phone, by sending a text!
How much does it cost?
If you pay with credit card or with a PayPal account each call will cost you 1€. If you want to pay by phone, the cost of the text is also 1€, but it can vary depending on your country fees. You can display the cost of the call before every charge.
How does the call work?
Our system will call the birthday boy at the time you chose: a voice will read the message that you wrote, and after that the system will play the happy birthday song personalized with his name, sung by professional singers! Watch the video!
How are the names recorded?
Each name has been individually recorded by professional singers, to obtain the best quality and to surprise the birthday boy.
What are the available names?
We update periodically the name list, although we already have a lot of names! Check out the full list!
How can I create a call?
Follow our simple guide to send your call! Try it now!
What happens if the call is not answered?
If the call is not answerd at the first attempt, our system will try to call again for a maximum of 4 times at 15 minutes intervals. A number is a national number, and this number is also allowed to receive calls. This means that the birthday boy can call back to listen to the song!
What happens if the call is transferred to a voicemail?
Our system is intelligent: it can understand if the call was answered by a person or if it was transferred to a voicemail. If the latter happens our system will leave a message to the voicemail containing your wishes.
Where does the call come from?
The call will arrive from a national number which is also allowed to receive calls. This means that the birthday boy can call back to listen to the song!
Which countries can receive my call?
Our system allows you to send calls to an extended number of countries, all over the world, without any price differencies.